Disisa Olive Oil

Disisa Olive Oil

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The Azienda Agricola Disisa, is situated in the Monreale region (in the district of Palermo) at a height of 1500 feet. The name of producer Renato di Lorenzo’s domain "Disisa" tells the story of the beauty and fertility of the land. In fact, Disisa comes from the Arabic word Aziz which means splendid.

This versatile Sicilian oil is characterized by an intense fruity flavor and a sweet taste with herbaceous and spicy notes. Not only can it can be used as an everyday oil for roasting, sautéing and grilling, but it also stands up wonderfully with vinegar as a dressing for salads or as a finishing oil for vegetables.
Country: Italy
Region: Sicily, Monreale
Date of Harvest: November 2013
Olives: Cerasuola 100%
Food Pairings: A versatile oil for all your cooking needs. Especially delicious on grilled fish, such as tuna, vegetables and pasta.
Taste Profile: Grassy
Palate: Medium
Nose: Notes of...
Richness, power and delicacy with a purity of taste.

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