Domaine de Marquiliani Olive Oil 2015

Domaine de Marquiliani Olive Oil 2015

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Size: 16.8 FL OZ

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It’s always a pleasure to include in our collection a particularly outstanding batch from the beautiful landscapes of Corsica. This orchard located on the Aghione plateau benefits from a microclimate that combines with the soil quality and the blend of several Corsican olive varieties to produce an olive oil full of oil that is redolent of untamed wilderness.

The talented Anne Amalric is able to combine tradition and modernity. Her olive oil’s scent is reminiscent of its wild surroundings and asserts itself on the palate with character and elegance. With less than 50 bottles in the US, this is a rare gem!
Country: France
Region: Corsica, Aghione
Date of Harvest: November 2014
Limited Edition: Less than 50 bottles in the US!
Olives: Ghjermana, Picudo
Food Pairings: Grilled fish, chicken, penne and spaghetti. Excellent on all vegetables.
Taste Profile: Grassy
Palate: Robust
Nose: Notes of...
Initially creamy yet very intense on the palate. A wonderful perfume of garrigue shrubs and melon rind.

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