Dozol Autrand Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2018

Dozol Autrand Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2018

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Within the Dozol-Autrand mill, working passionately with olives has been passed down through 14 generations. Nyons PDO olive oil is developed exclusively from the Tanche variety of olives, picked at full maturity in January since 1750. A genuine golden olive juice creamy & tasty!

You will appreciate this olive oil for its floral taste profile which imparts the palate with notes of fresh butter, hazelnut, grilled almond

Like all of our Grand Crus, this olive oil is available in limited edition: only 1000 bottles (500L)

Hand-Picked olives, pressed within 24 hours

Country: France
Region: Nyons, Drôme, PDO Nyons
Date of Harvest: July 1975
Limited Edition: 500 liters
Olives: 100% Tanche
Taste Profile: Floral
Nose: Notes of...
Fresh butter, hazelnut, grilled almond

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