Gold Duo

Gold Duo

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The Gold Duo combines two gold products : the gold balsamic vinigar and a Rameaux d'Or, the Frantoio Pruneti.

Made in the truest respect of tradition, this balsamic vinegar of Modena is obtained from the finest grapes harvested late. Left to age for at least three years in quality wooden barrels, it acquires a sweet taste with a unique shade of colour.

Produced in the heart of the Florentine hills, this unctuous and unique olive oil reflects the soul of both Tuscany and the Pruneti brothers. This golden olive juice with green reveals the taste full of peppery fresh herbs very typical of the chianti land.

This gift set includes:

- Frantoio Pruneti Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2020 (16.8 fl oz)
- Gold Balsamic Vinegar (8.5 fl oz)
- 1 Stainless Steel Pourer
- 1 gift box