Everyday Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Everyday Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Item # 85905

An all-purpose oil from Greece that is sure to please! A combination of the sun's strength, mineral complexity, timeless landscape and the blue of the Mediterranean produces a liquid gold that is smooth and velvety without lacking character.

Faithful to tradition, the philosophy of the Protoulis family is summed up by the phrase “absolute quality”.

Hand-picked olives, pressed within 24 hours.

Size: 16.8 FL OZ

Container: Tin

Country: Greece
Region: Island of Lesbos, Plomari
Date of Harvest: December 2016
Olives: 100% Kolovi
Food Pairings: Anything and everything from Greek salads and grilled fish and veggies to mashed potatoes and moussaka.
Taste Profile: Floral
Palate: Medium
Nose: Notes of...
Slightly buttery and offers aromas of pear and almond. Sweet & velvety impression on the palate.

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