Everyday Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Everyday Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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In this exquisite tin, you will find an exceptional olive oil with great style that represents beautifully its Spanish terroir.   With a delicate buttery and nutty taste profile, it is a treasure for the palate!

In the region of Castilla de la Mancha, south of Valencia, three generations of the Olivares Fernandez family have produced an olive oil emblematic of its terroir: a delicious nectar, with a softness and an amazing length on the palate.

The vast domain de Pago de Peñarrubia is comprised of 400 hectares, 180 of which are dedicated to the olive groves. The region is characterized by an extreme continental climate with over 3000 hours of sun each year. These natural conditions give the olive oils exceptional organoleptic qualities.

Like all of our Grand Crus, this olive oil is available in limited edition.

Hand-picked olives, pressed within 24 hours.

Country: Spain
Region: Castilla de la Mancha, Hellin
Date of Harvest: November 2016
Limited Edition: Less than 200 tins in the US
Olives: 100% Picual
Food Pairings: So versatile! Great on vegetables (potatoes, artichoke heart, eggplant), chicken, pork, red meat, fish, cheese (goat cheese, Parmesan, Mozzarella) and desserts (ice cream, strawberries, baked apples).
Taste Profile: Floral
Palate: Mild
Nose: Notes of...
A sublime, creamy oil with flavors of fresh butter, roasted apple and pear juice: softness and elegance.

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