Fleur de sel with Mandarin & Lime Zest

Fleur de sel with Mandarin & Lime Zest

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This Citrus Fleur de Sel will become your next pantry staple!  A unique recipe created exclusively for Oliviers&Co., combining the Fleur de sel of Camargue, one of the finest finishing salts in the world, with mandarin and green lemon zest.

The citrus zest adds a bright, fresh flavor - the perfect finishing touch to make your taste buds come alive!

 A great addition to anything from seafood to pasta and veggies.  Use as a salt rim on a margarita to add a little more intrigue or even use as a garnish on desserts for that sweet and savory touch!  A must-try!


Region/Country: France
Food Pairings: Sprinkle over grilled branzino or any fish and seafood, chicken, salads, veggies, pasta, pork and other white meats, quinoa, rice. Even delicious on desserts: sprinkled over chocolate, caramel and perfect for rimming margarita glasses!
Ingredients: Fleur de sel de camargue 95%, citrus zest 5% (mandarin zest 50%, lime zest 50%)