Frantoio Galantino Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2019

Frantoio Galantino Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2019

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The taste of fresh olive

These ancient olive groves are located in the Puglia region, along the Adriatic Sea. This olive oil holds its character from Coratina olive, and reveals subtle fruity aroma reminding artichoke and fresh cut grass, it is mild & fresh on the palate. This pure olive juice will be perfect to enhance cold or slow cooking dishes.

Frantoio Galantino Property located in the Puglia region has a surface of 47 hectares with more than 15 000 hundred years olive oil and more. This region with an important cultural heritage, is also the one with the largest production of olive oil in the world.

For 3 generations, Gianvito Galantino maintains the family know how of olive oil quality production in a sustainable agriculture management. Coratina olives are by hand harvested and ground by granite millstone.

Producer: Gianvito Galantino
Country: Italy
Region: Puglia, Italy
Date of Harvest: November 2018
Olives: 100% Coratina
Food Pairings: Palm hearts, burrata, fresh pasta, grilled shrimp
Taste Profile: Grassy
Palate: Medium
Nose: Notes of...
A consensual olive oil , sweet and grassy at the same a time.

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