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Our Producers From Italy

In many people's minds, olive oil is synonymous with Italy and Italian style food. There is apparent good reason for this. As the second largest producer after Spain, Italy's production facilities tend to be the most modern, the most hygienic and the most efficient available to growers. The climate throughout much of Italy is perfect for growing wonderful olives, and the native Italian varieties are known for producing absolutely delicious oil. Moreover, as you travel from the north of Italy to the south, you will find delicious olive oil in every part of the country, each region making a type entirely unique from other areas. In this manner, Italy has the most varied flavors in its olive oil, as compared to any other country. When a grower wants to know the best method to produce high quality olive oil, he/she looks to Italy, and when a customer wants to be wowed by the diversity and flavor of olive oil, they often do too.