Olive & Green Lemon Oil, 16.8 FL OZ

Olive & Green Lemon Oil, 16.8 FL OZ

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Size: 16.8 FL OZ

Container: Tin

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Green lemons are lemons right before they reach their peak, yellow ripeness. To make this special olive oil, produced in the Trás‐os‐Montes region of Portugal, O&CO. picks lemons before they fully ripen, then adds them directly into the press with the olives. The result is a vibrant and sweet olive oil with citrus notes and a light floral finish. This olive oil is a great choice for delicate, nuanced recipes.

An exotic olive oil for exceptional dishes!
Region/Country: Puglia, Italy
Food Pairings: For fruit salads, Middle Eastern cuisine, for adding just a touch of citrus to delicate dishes.
Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil 99%, green (unripe) lemons 1%