Garlic & Basil Linguine

Garlic & Basil Linguine

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Size: 8.8 OZ

Enjoy our artisanal Garlic and Basil Linguine made in Tuscany by the Morelli family. The secret ingredient that is not found in most common types of pasta is wheat germ. This ingredient is the heart of the grain containing vitamins A and D as well as vegetable protein.

Cooking Time : 8-9 minutes.
Region/Country: Tuscany, Italy
Food Pairings: Enjoy with O&CO.'s Riviera sauce or simply drizzled with olive oil, a hint of garlic and sparkled with parmesan cheese, as well as with a bolognaise sauce, seafood and vegetables.
Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina 93.98%, wheat germ 3.76%, dehydrated garlic 0.47%, dehydrated basil 0.47%, natural extract of garlic 0.47%, natural extract of basil 0.47%, dehydrated spinach 0.38%
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