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The Great Chefs: Gérald Passedat

Le Petit Nice**, Marseille

Gérald Passédat experienced his first culinary thrills through the gestures of the women who cooked around him when he was a child. Later, he learned taste and proficiency while working side by side with celebrated chefs. Meanwhile, in his native Marseille he acquired the notion, deeply anchored in the heart of all Mediterranean people, of boundless explorations. "I was born right here, in this villa facing the horizon. My grandfather bought it and it has been Le Petit Nice for three generations. Marseille and this horizon is what structured me." His cuisine encompasses his traditional southern heritage, as well as inspirations drawn from far away places. Playing with flavors from the land and the sea, either from the neighboring hills or the nearby waters, sometimes even further, it was obvious that the cuisine of the great chef from Marseille and his unique variations on the vegetable theme would find a place at O&CO.