Best Holiday

Best Holiday

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This gift set combines our best seller with the Christmas edition olive oil.

In its exclusive Christmas decor, this limited edition is the perfect gift for this holiday season!

This year, Eric Verdier has selected the Fontana San Giovanni estate, making his comeback at Oliviers & Co. From this mythical orchard located in Pompeii area comes an oil that speaks about antiquity! Developed by the De Falco family for several generations now, discover the best Campania olive oil, fresh and creamy at the same time.

Our #1 best-seller year after year, this premium balsamic vinegar is an exceptional, full-bodied vinegar made according to the purest of traditions. Its dark color and sweet honey texture is from a long-aging process in rare wooden barrels. Perfect on mesclun salads, steamed vegetables, grilled meats, as a glaze or marinade, and terrific on strawberries, vanilla ice cream or both together!