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Grilled Lamb Kebabs in Pita


    For the Kebabs:
  • 1 lb ground lamb
  • 2 tbsp. chopped parsley
  • 1 tbsp. chopped mint
  • 1 onion, minced
  • 1 garlic clove, minced
  • 1 egg, lightly beaten
  • 1 tbsp. O&CO. Mint Specialty Olive Oil
  • 1 tbsp. O&CO. Chili Specialty Olive Oil
  • Black Pepper 

    For the Tomato Salad
  • 4 vine ripe tomatoes, seeded and chopped
  • ½ red onion, thinly sliced
  • 2 tbsp O&CO. Mint Specialty Olive Oil
  • Lemon juice
  • O&CO. Fleur de Sel
  • Black Pepper 
  • 4 pita breads



  1. Mix together all ingredients until well combined, but be careful not to over-work the meat mixture. Shape into balls and refrigerate for half an hour.
  2. Grill or fry lamb until cooked through, about 5-7 minutes.
  3. For the tomato salad, combine the tomatoes, the red onion, the Mint Oil, the lemon juice, and salt and pepper to taste. Set aside.
  4. Bake the pita breads in a 350°F oven until warm. Stuff warm pita bread with kebabs and tomato salad and serve.