A Guide To All Things Gourmet

A gourmet refers to an individual with discriminating taste, or those who enjoy eating and cooking high quality gourmet food. The preparation of gourmet food is a luxurious and urbane experience. Gourmet foods are meticulously prepared with high quality ingredients but it is the presentation as much as the flavor of the food that lends to the urbane atmosphere. Gourmets know that all of the senses need to be touched during a meal – from aroma to presentation to palate.

O&CO. is the purveyor of gourmet Mediterranean foods ranging from extra virgin olive oils, flavored balsamic vinegars, spreads, crackers and truffles. O&CO.’s gourmet products are the perfect choice to provide the gourmet experience in your household. Experience the following:

  • Extra virgin olive oil: Use gourmet extra virgin olive oil as a dip for crunchy French bread, drizzle it over a healthful salad or use a mix of extra virgin olive oil and a flavored balsamic to flavor a dish of specialty O&CO. pasta. Olive oil is a better, more healthful choice for cooking than other oils. 
  • Gourmet condiments: Quality condiments are the finishing touch to a good meal. From exotic spices to truffles and truffle oil, these ingredients work together to combine a heady aroma that enhance the culinary experience before your fork has even touched the first bite. Consider using O&CO.’s line of tapenades, olives and crackers as appetizers to whet the appetite or for use as an after-dinner treat. Add zest to ordinary gravy or sauces by experimenting with a variety of herbs and oils. 
  • Sweet treats: Sweet biscuits with gourmet sunflower, lavender or almond blossom honey are dessert offerings your friends will never forget. 


These examples are a few of the many gourmet combinations you can find, cook and prepare using the quality Mediterranean food items available at O&CO. This sampling provides a glimpse into the abundant world of indulgence known to gourmet cooks and food lovers the world over.