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Our Producer:Henriette & Pierre Chiesa Gautier Vignal

A tour of the Château Vignal tells a story through time. Pierre Chiesa-Gauthier will talk about the history of the estate, of times when the hinterlands of Nice overtook its coast. His wife will show off her jasmine collection, her orchids and geraniums. A small Russian toque atop her head and an English cap on his, they will address each tree by name, and inquire as to the health of the three old Hackberry trees, and how the citrus trees and lavender fared over the winter. And without having to leave the grounds, we will find ourselves in the olive grove, because it is here that the gardens and the orchards overlap, both dedicated to the same tree: the olive. Here, Mr. and Mrs. Chiesa Gautier Vignal have restored an olive estate, containing a magnificent orchard of 750 trees aside the magnificent botanical garden.