Honeysuckle Oolong

Honeysuckle Oolong


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The Honeysuckle oolong has a deep cocoa and plum aroma that invites you to put your face in the pouch and inhale deeply, repeatedly. The fragrance of the leaves alone is majestic, yet it is followed by a fruity mid-palate and a lasting honey nectar finish. One of our bestsellers, this full-bodied black tea is made with high-elevation oolong tea leaves from Alishan meaning it holds its sweetness, brew after brew, sip after sip, leaving you subconsciously craving more.

The high-elevation qingxin oolong leaves used to make this Hong Cha(meaning red tea, which is synonymous with black tea in the West) were destined to become a high mountain oolong until they underwent an extended period of withering, interrupted by delicate bruising to accelerate the oxidation rate and enhance the fruitiness. After being deeply oxidized and dried the strip-rolled leaves underwent a light roast, with a gentle char creating that added touch of sweetness.

Lan Zhen-tian, the tea maker, has over 30 years of experience as a master tea maker and taster, specializing in Taiwan’s prized high mountain oolong tea.

Yields approximately 60 cups
Region/Country: Alishan Mountains, Taiwan