Kalamata Black Olives

Kalamata Black Olives

Item # 56998
This is the most well-known and popular Greek olive with a thick texture and fruity taste, without the bitterness.
The name, Kalamata, comes from the name of the city, Kalamata (capital of Messinia, Peloponnesus) around which the olives are grown. O&CO.'s Kalamata olives are grown with the greatest care, picked by hand and prepared in the most traditional manner, preserving the pure olive fruit flavor.

Size: 7.05 OZ

Region/Country: Greece
Food Pairings: In the classic Greek salad, with an accompaniment of nuts for a cocktail appetizer, mixed in a flavorful pasta dish!
Ingredients: Kalamata olives, water, salt, antioxidant: citric acid

Customer Reviews

“The best of the best! There's a reason these olives are known by name worldwide. O&CO.'s kalamata olives are simply divine; I should know, I'm Greek!”

Rose Malindretos, Brooklyn, NY
from the Grand Central Station Flagship