Ketchup to Shock Your Senses

Shock your taste buds with O&CO.'s exclusive Mediterranean ketchup. Allow the warmth of the spices and the sweet and sour kick to entertain your palate when boldly paired with any cuisine.

Reinventing this staple among condiments was an ambitious challenge, undertaking the transformation of a standard recipe into a multiple ingredient creation without taking away from the original splendor took the ardent creativity of skilled gourmets. The balance of delicate tomato cream, bursting sweetness and a spicy note of chili tickle the senses and is sure to delight the masses.

Paired with poultry, game meats, duck breast, grilled sardines, french fries or used to dress up a sandwich, this rich ketchup adds a subtle zing to every meal.

With sumptuous ingredients hailing from South-East France, a multicultural identity with numerous influences including Italian, Greek, Tunisian, Moroccan, Algerian, Spanish and Portuguese helped craft this exquisite ketchup. Provence's million color region full of culture and history served as a catalyst for experimentation in crafting O&CO.'s Mediterranean ketchup.

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