Learn to Use Truffle Oil

Truffles are a mysterious, yet delicious, ingredient and whether you’re using a whole truffle in a meal or enhancing the flavor of your meals with truffle oil, you’re looking at a decadent meal enhancement.

What are these little delicacies? Truffles are a fungus that grow at the bottom of beech, birth, hazel, oak, pine and poplar trees and range from three to 12 inches in diameter. They are mysteries of nature in that they can typically only be found by pigs or dogs. In the realm of truffles there are white and black varieties and under that umbrella there are least 70 different types. The most beautiful of all truffles is considered to be the winter black truffle.

Truffle oils can last for months once opened as long as they’re stored in away from sunlight. O&CO. carries both black truffle oil and white truffle oil along with a few suggestions on how to incorporate this unique oil in your everyday cooking experience:

  1. White truffle oil can be used as a drizzle for salads, in gourmet mashed potato recipes, in mushroom ragouts and as a decadent dip for fresh bread.
  2. Salad dressings made with truffle oil dramatically boost the flavor of your meal with only a few drops.
  3. Use white or black truffle oil in risotto, with pasta or even drizzled on fish to add to the aromatic qualities of the meal.
  4. Experiment with black and white truffle oils to add an elegant, delicate and aromatic flavor to even mundane dishes such as pizza or your favorite pasta meal.