Lemon Pepper Pappardelline

Lemon Pepper Pappardelline

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Homemade, top-quality pasta made in Pisa since 1860 by the company Antico Pastificio Morelli, this pasta is notable because you can taste the traditional processes used to produce it in each bite! With wheat germ added for its beneficial health properties, this pappardelline is delicious and nutritious. Original and flavorful, these lemon & black pepper flavored pappardelline are the perfect accompaniment to sautéed chicken and shrimp. To enjoy without moderation!
Region/Country: Tuscany, Italy
Food Pairings: Enjoy the classic flavors of Italy by pairing this pasta with our Garlic or Basil Specialty Oil.
Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina (94.79%) (gluten), wheat germ (3.79%) gluten), natural lemon aroma (0.71%), powdered black pepper (0.47%), deshydrated lemon juice
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  1. "from the Short Hills Boutique"

    A refreshing summer pasta.