Marinade Sampler

Marinade Sampler

Item # 17440
With the Marinade Sampler, O&CO. offers the grill-master the secret weapon of surprising tastes. A delightful trio of sauces, this set is sure to delight even the most seasoned chef. From the sweet and tangy Ginger & Garlic Sauce, to the exotically spicy Peri Peri Sauce, and finishing with the complex Olive & Plum Marbella Sauce, our Marinades Sampler has a note to strike every chord.

Enliven your pantry with:
- Ginger & Garlic Sauce with O&CO. Olive Oil (13.75 OZ)
- Peri Peri Sauce (12.3 OZ)
- Olive & Plum Marbella Sauce (13.9 OZ)

Customer Reviews

“Talk about flavor! My husband loves cooking and he loves the marinades in this set.”

Ellen Reddy, Store Manager
from the Columbus Circle Boutique