Mayonnaise Reinvigorated

The quintessential smells of summer are as distinct and alluring as the change in weather itself. Fresh cut grass, flowers in full bloom, crackling bonfires and the perpetual aroma of sizzling meat on the grill fill the air with whimsy. With barbecue season shifting into full gear it is time to fire up the grill with some old favorites and add a few surprising twists to your barbecue repertoire.

Infused with candied lemon with hints of olive oil and capers, O&CO. has re-energized summer's quintessential staple, mayonnaise, by revisiting its subtle ingredients. Enlisting the help of Renato Piccolotto, the renowned head chef of one of the most prestigious hotels in the world, The Cipriani in Venice, O&CO. and Piccolotto concocted a light and creamy mayonnaise sure to replace tired barbecue sauces and amplify any grilled creation.

Catering to an influential international clientele, Piccolotto is highly respected in his field as the guardian of know-how and mastery in the kitchen. Piccolotto's admirable culinary talents compelled O&CO. to extend this exciting partnership to him so that O&CO. could share this remarkable chef with the world.

Revisiting an everyday sauce and foregoing the desire to create a recipe bearing a fancy name and expensive ingredients, Piccolotto's mayonnaise is the perfect accompaniment to a variety of entrees as the great taste and simplicity radiate through the creamy texture. Paired with grilled meat, a refreshing fish or as an accent to chicken salad, O&CO.'s mayonnaise sauce with olive oil, capers and candied lemons is designed to satisfy.

Savor in the sweetness of Venice this summer without leaving the confines of your kitchen by indulging in O&CO.'s mouthwatering mayonnaise sauce.