Mint Oil & Apple Meli-Melo

Mint Oil & Apple Meli-Melo

Item # 17662
This is a flavor combination whose taste and smell transports you out of the mundane. O&CO.'s Apple Fruity Condiment brings the delicate fragrance and flavor of a caramelized baked apple to the entrancing freshness of our Olive & Mint Oil. A real delight you won't find anywhere else!

Size: Tin: 8.4 FL OZ & Bottle: 8.5 FL OZ

Region/Country: Vinegar produced in Modena, Emilia-Romagna, Italy, and oil from Puglia, Italy
Food Pairings: Lettuce hearts & fruit salad, mezze, tabbouleh, fattouche, tagine, duck sautée, lamb filet mignon, orange salad.
Ingredients: Olive Oil & Mint Specialty: Extra virgin olive oil 99%, mint 1%; Apple Fruity Condiment: Grape juice, apple juice (25%), white wine vinegar, antioxidant sulphur dioxide. Contains: sulfites

Customer Reviews

“The beguiling sweetness of the apple fruity condiment is cut with a crisp note thanks to the refreshing mint olive oil. A surprising yet familiar combo!”

Sydney Batten, Brooklyn, NY
from the Grand Central Station Flagship