Mustard with Maple & Lemon

Mustard with Maple & Lemon

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The perfect mustard to accompany our Mediterranean-inspired ketchup and mayonnaise. Sweet and natural Quebec Maple syrup blends with milled brown and yellow mustard seeds for a classic flavor combination in which O&CO.'s Olive & Lemon Oil brings out a zesty touch. A haute cuisine classic!
Region/Country: Canada
Food Pairings: An ideal condiment for meat, fish, vegetables, sandwiches and salad dressings.
Ingredients: Water, mustard seed 23%, white vinegar, maple syrup 15%, brown sugar, sea salt, lemon specialty extra virgin olive oil 0.99% (extra virgin olive oil 99%, lemon 1%), ground ginger, ground black pepper, ground Jamaican allspices.
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  1. "from the Short Hills Boutique"

    In my opinion, this is better than dijon mustard! It's sweet and somewhat tangy at the same time.