Olive oil is frequently found in lotions, soaps, creams and other skin care products. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the least processed of all oils and provides the most benefits for skin. Olive oil can moisturize skin and help it maintain elasticity. It can help heal dry or brittle nails and cuticles. It can also help moisturize hair and keep it shiny if used in shampoo or conditioner.

O&CO. offers a range of hand, face and body products made with olive oil and olive leaf extract, certified as ecological and organic by ECOCERT guaranteeing the customer a pure and natural beauty product. Adhering to the rigorous standards set forth by ECOCERT, all of O&CO.’s organic skin care products uphold the seal of approval for organic products.

Established in France in 1991, ECOCERT is an organic certification organization that inspects cosmetics, textiles and food products in more than 80 countries. Each and every item inspected by ECOCERT must undergo a comprehensive overview encompassing the entire production chain. By certifying raw materials can be traced back to environmentally responsible sources, ECOCERT ensures all materials stay pure through the manufacturing process and emit the lowest possible environmental impact. Gaining an ECOCERT certification is a long and arduous process, and each company that is certified must approach customers, products and the environment from an ideological viewpoint that can be upheld.

Using only the finest ingredients that are organically and responsibly sourced, O&CO.’s range of skin care products preserve beauty, biodiversity and environmental balance. O&CO.’s skin care philosophy comes from a love for nature and an understanding of the skin and its natural beauty.

O&CO. provides some of the very best quality olive oils and olive oil based skin care products on the market today. Be sure to explore all O&CO. skin care products and experience the benefits of olive oil in your skin care regimen.