Discover O&CO. Producers

O&CO. knows the difference between quality and quantity; that is why they choose their olive oil producers so carefully. From the Alvarez Estate in the small town of Lucena in the Andalusia region in Spain, where olive oil has been produced for over 400 years, to Los Ranchos in the Rio Negro region of Uruguay, which has a mix of Italian and Spanish olive varieties originally planted in the 1950's by French immigrants, O&CO. shares the experiences that are integral to producing olive oil.

Each bottle of O&CO. Extra Virgin olive oil features a unique label highlighting this and other key information including: olive variety, estate, country of origin, the "best before date" and, most importantly, the year of the harvest, which assures the olive oil is of the highest quality and taste. The number of new olive oils in each harvest varies each year depending on the choices made by O&CO. and the harvest conditions.

Individually, O&CO. producers come from different parts of the Mediterranean region including Italy, France, Spain, Greece and other specific locations resulting in the most passionate producers providing the best quality product on the market. In addition, each region has its own flavors and unique characteristics making the yearly harvest a special event for all involved.

Because the olive tree thrives in numerous climates and geographical areas, it is easy to see why countries from around the world including the U.S., Spain, Turkey, Croatia, Portugal and Tunisia have begun planting and harvesting their own olives. Discover the wonder of the olive and all the benefits and unique characteristics each region brings to their olive oil.