Oil & Vinegar Cruet Set

Oil & Vinegar Cruet Set

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The Table Cruet has found its place among the iconic kitchen objects: the salt cellar, the pepper mill, the butter dish, the carafe of water, & the breadbasket. For a person fond of food, having two olive oils and a vinegar at the table is a necessary luxury. O&CO.'s Olive Oil & Vinegar Nacelle represents a diversity of Mediterranean flavors by offering our Olive Oil & Basil Specialty, Olive Oil & Lemon Specialty, and Organic Balsamic of Modena in three collectible bottles.

The built-in spout controls oil flow, and the glass bottles can be refilled over and over again. Practical yet beautiful!
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Food Pairings: Endless combinations! Try on fish or seafood, vegetables, either raw or cooked, tomato & mozzarella salad, spelt salad, beans, pasta.

Customer Reviews

“This is a great set to have for the dining room table. It's a great variety with basil & lemon olive oil and a balsamic. Mix any two together for salads or bread dipping!”
Ilena Rubio, NY, NY
from the Bleecker St. Boutique

“The best of the best! What a great deal for the price.”
Ellen Jennings, NY, NY
from the Grand Central Station Flagship