Oleura Olive Oil

Oleura Olive Oil

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Located in Catalonia, Spain near the Natural Park Serra del Mont Sant, the Oleura groves benefit from an exceptional microclimate which turns this oil into an extraordinary nectar! Juncosa de les Garrigues is a small production whose style is a subtle blend of flavors oscillating between the beauty of the Mediterranean landscape and the aridity of central Spain.

Enjoy this delicious floral olive oil on grilled shrimp and seafood, with rice and even on desserts! Packaged in a decorative tin that looks fabulous on the table, this olive oil embodies the spirit of Catalonia and will transport you to Spain with each drizzle!

Size: 16.8 FL OZ

Container: Tin

Country: Spain
Region: Catalonia, Juncosa de les Guarrigues
Date of Harvest: November 2013
Olives: Arbequina 100%
Food Pairings: Perfect accompaniment to cooked vegetables, chicken and fish, as well as rice and desserts!
Taste Profile: Floral
Palate: Mild
Nose: Notes of...
The Arbequina olive varietal leaves its mark with a delicate force on the palate.

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Customer Reviews

"My favorite Spanish oil! I love the taste and the tin is SOOO beautiful!"

Perrine, Renard, NY NY
from the Bleecker St. Boutique