Olive & Green Lemon Oil

Olive & Green Lemon Oil

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Green lemons are lemons right before they reach their peak, yellow ripeness. To make this special olive oil, produced in the Trás‐os‐Montes region of Portugal, O&CO. picks lemons before they fully ripen, then adds them directly into the press with the olives. The result is a vibrant and sweet olive oil with citrus notes and a light floral finish. This olive oil is a great choice for delicate, nuanced recipes.

An exotic olive oil for exceptional dishes!
from $15.00
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Region/Country: Puglia, Italy
Food Pairings: For fruit salads, Middle Eastern cuisine, for adding just a touch of citrus to delicate dishes.
Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil 99%, green (unripe) lemons 1%

Customer Reviews

"Tastes like lime leaves in Thai curry sauce."
Attiyah Woods, Sales Associate
from the Grand Central Station Flagship

"This light olive oil makes the best summer salads."
Sophie Purgavie, NY, NY
from the Bleecker St. Boutique