Olive Oil & Wine Vinegar Set - France

Olive Oil & Wine Vinegar Set - France

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This exclusive olive oil and vinegar combo will have you eating more salads than ever!

Château Virant olive oil embodies the spirit of the Provence and will transport you to southern France with each drizzle of this delectable oil! One of the 10 best French olive oils. Paired with our classic French Wine Vinegar, this duo is sure to impress! Vive la France!

Set includes:
- Château Virant Olive Oil (8.4 FL OZ)
- Wine Vinegar (8.4 FL OZ)
- O&CO. signature gift box

Country: France
Region: « Coteaux Château Virant », Lançon de Provence- AOP Aix-en-Provence
Date of Harvest: October 2015
Limited Edition: Less than 300 bottles in the US
Olives: Aglandau, Salonenque
Food Pairings: Salads, vegetables, chicken, fish and shellfish, pasta, and cheese (goat cheese, parmesan, mozzarella).
Taste Profile: Floral
Palate: Medium
Nose: Notes of...
An olive oil of character perfectly balanced with notes of grass and sweet, soft floral hints of mimosa.

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