Organic Olive Oil Skincare Basics

Olive oil is the basis for healthy living and is a staple in both the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle. Gourmet olive oil is also the basis for organic skin care products in the O&CO. line certified by ECOCERT. This organic product line featuring face, hand and body products, is made from olive oil and olive leaf extract. The reason olive oil is the basis of the formulation of O&CO.’s organic facial and body products is that olive oil is one of the least-processed of all the oils on the market and is one of the most beneficial ingredients in skin care.

As a moisturizer, olive oil is beyond compare and it works to help skin maintain and retain its elasticity. Whether you’re using an organic olive oil product on your face, body or as a way to moisturize your hands and cuticles or to keep your lips moisturized and supple, products made with olive oil should be a staple in your skincare routine. Organic olive oil products help heal the damage caused from exposure to sun and elements that naturally dry and damage the epidermis. Olive oil based shampoos keep hair silky and shiny as well but while olive oil based products are highly moisturizing, they don’t usually provide a full lather.

Olive oil is rich in antioxidants which makes it a crucial component in fine anti-aging skin care products. Mediterranean countries including France, Italy, Portugal and Spain are known for using olive oil in their earth-friendly body creams, moisturizers, lotions and scrubs to help users’ skin retain a youthful radiance. Olive oil is rich in botanical nutrients and they are naturally absorbed into the skin and work to restore and repair youthful skin texture and firmness.

The topical use of organic olive oil products offers users myriad anti-aging skin care benefits, especially if the products are combined with sea salts in scrubs for healthful exfoliation. Removing rough, dry skin through the use of an olive oil exfoliation treatment works to reveal soft, smooth skin; individuals who spend a lot of time outdoors whether gardening or skiing, understand the need for proper exfoliation as well as how crucial it is to use products that are organic and moisture rich.

Mediterranean facial and body products are considered by many to be among the finest natural body products, especially for individuals who prefer to use organic, rather than chemical-based face and body products. O&CO.’s olive oil based face and body products reflect notes of fresh herbs, citrus fruits, hints of bitter orange, star anise, cypress and geranium.

Using only the finest ingredients that are organically and responsibly sourced, O&CO.’s range of skin care products preserve beauty, biodiversity and environmental balance. O&CO.’s skin care philosophy comes from a love for nature and an understanding of the skin and its natural beauty.