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Olive Oil Tasting

High end cooking events all over the world are taking to olive oil tasting as part of their lure to the masses. Olive oil is quickly becoming one of the cooking ingredients of choice to many cooks and families. The way olive oil is made makes it great for a tasting event. Because there are many differentiations in the types of olives used, the ripeness of olives, growing conditions, and oil storage methods, olive oil can have as complex and varied tastes as wine.

So what’s the proper way to taste olive oil? Here are some tips!

    • Pour about 1 tablespoon of oil into a small wine glass
    • Hold the glass and swirl the oil to release its aroma.
    • After swirling, inhale deeply to enjoy the aroma. Think about whether the aroma is mild or strong.
    • Sip a small amount of the oil including a bit of air as well! Savor this flavor, enjoying the full sensation!
    • Finish by swallowing the oil and noticing if it leaves a stinging sensation in your throat.


These steps should enable you to taste the variety of differences in each variety of olive oil. As you experience the nuances of each olive oil, you will become an expert in distinguishing flavor and aroma. The quality and flavor of the oils will add so many dimensions to your dishes and as you learn more, your cooking experience will be enhanced. For expanded information on oil tasting visit our olive oil tasting page, enjoy!