2020 New Harvest - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

24 Years of Expertise & Know-How

A rigorous selection: we travel throughout the Mediterranean to select hundreds of expert mills using demanding specifications. Our producers guarantee us a vintage olive oil, in a pure local tradition using an approach of sustainable agriculture.
Same traceability process from orchard to bottles: We inspect over 1200 batches per year, in sensory compliance, along with rigorous physico-chemical analysis. All our oils are then bottled in our workshop in Haute-Provence. For we have nothing to hide to our customers, each label specifies country of origin, domain and producer’s name, harvest date, varieties of olives.
Unique quality and freshness: in each orchard, olives are hand-picked in by our producers and cold pressed within 24 hours after harvest. 5 to 12 kilos of olives are used to obtain an exceptional liter of oil: this low yield is the guarantee of quality. Our bottles and containers are opaque in order to preserve the quality of our oils.

New Harvest

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