1. New Harvest

    New Harvest

    We annually harvest the best olive oils from the millennium olive tree, symbol of our company since its creation. Produced from the finest groves in the Mediterranean, then bottled in Haute-Provence, our vintage oils offer a new aspect of this legendary fruit with every harvest. And behind each bottle, the passion revealed is that of the men and women of the olive tree.

  2. Rameaux D'Or

    Rameaux D'Or

    Our Rameaux d’Or assortment features Grand Cru oils produced from exceptional groves located exclusively in Tuscany. The gold bottle is symbolic of these rare olive oil gems, like the finest Bordeaux.

  3. The French

    The French

    French olive oil is rare, less than 1% of the world production. Oliviers & Co sought out the best French batches in Provence and Corsica. Exquisite, surprising, revealing exceptional flavors, this collection is a tribute to French producers, who work with the greatest care ti create these true gems.

  4. Grand Cru

    Grand Cru

    Certified by Oliviers & Co., the Grand Cru selections are the perfect expression of some of the most beautiful terroirs of the Mediterranean. In the tradition of the finest wines, we bring you the best, to be discovered and enjoyed by all.

  5. Everyday


    Our Everyday Extra Virgin Olive Oils follow the same Oliviers & Co guidelines as our Grand Crus, but at a price designed for daily use.

  6. Flavored Olive Oil

    Flavored Olive Oil

    Fresh basil, ripe lemons, hot chili, and fragrant garlic… We source the best ingredients harvested at their peak to incorporate into traditional olive oil-making methods in order to bring you the most delicious, true-to-taste flavor profiles. Expertly crushing together or macerating fresh produce or herbs along with olives create unique, amazingly fresh, and totally natural olive oils.

  7. Organic Olive Oil

    Organic Olive Oil

    Oliviers & Co Organic Olive Oil is proudly stamped with the EU organic logo and the USDA organic logo. These products are certified as organic because of Oliviers & Co’s commitment to adhering to the strict conditions and regulations by both the EU and the US. We take pride in certifying the quality of our olive oils and maintaining the strict standards of organic farming that are necessary to ensure customer satisfaction.

  8. Happy Halloween in Orange & Black

    Happy Halloween in Orange & Black

    Celebrate Fall and Halloween by bringing orange and black colors to your Kitchen!!!

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2020 New Harvest - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

24 Years of Expertise & Know-How

A rigorous selection: we travel throughout the Mediterranean to select hundreds of expert mills using demanding specifications. Our producers guarantee us a vintage olive oil, in a pure local tradition using an approach of sustainable agriculture.
Same traceability process from orchard to bottles: We inspect over 1200 batches per year, in sensory compliance, along with rigorous physico-chemical analysis. All our oils are then bottled in our workshop in Haute-Provence. For we have nothing to hide to our customers, each label specifies country of origin, domain and producer’s name, harvest date, varieties of olives.
Unique quality and freshness: in each orchard, olives are hand-picked in by our producers and cold pressed within 24 hours after harvest. 5 to 12 kilos of olives are used to obtain an exceptional liter of oil: this low yield is the guarantee of quality. Our bottles and containers are opaque in order to preserve the quality of our oils.

New Harvest

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