Organic Mediterranean Skin Care Products

Over time, our skin experiences change due to harsh weather, tanning, pollution, and the natural aging process. If ignored, these environmental factors cause our skin to lose moisture and become dry and dull. The good news is it is never too late to start caring for you face, hand and body.

O&CO. carries a range of organic skin care products designed to help moisturize and protect the skin from the environment leaving behind a free, aromatic Mediterranean scent designed specifically for O&CO. Certified as ecological and organic by Ecocert, this range of hand, face and body products is made with olive oil and olive leaf extract and reflects notes of fresh herbs and citrus fruits typical of the Mediterranean; a touch of bitter orange, star anise, geranium and cypress.

The skin on our face is about five times thinner than the skin in other parts making facial skin care a must! O&CO.’s Organic Face Cream with olive oil, olive leaf extract and natural anti-radical ingredients increases the skin’s resistance to aggressive external elements and protects it from aging. Certified ecological and organic, this face cream moisturizes the upper layers of the epidermis.

Following the face, hands are the second most noticeable part of the body. We use them as we talk, for work, to eat; our hands are always active, exposed and subject to skin damage. Hands show wear, making us appear older as skin begins to loosen and wrinkles and age spots start to appear. Incorporating organic hand cream in your routine will leave your hands smooth and silky. Nourishing vegetable oils, shea butter, olive leaf extract and other natural ingredients help maintain soft and protected hands.

Applying organic body cream should be a regular part of your daily care. Soothe dry legs and arms while leaving behind a fresh scent and protecting the skin from sun damage and environmental damage. O&CO.’s organic non-greasy body cream penetrates the skin leaving it feeling smooth.

If you don’t subscribe to a skin care regiment, start with these organic skin care products and start to see a difference in the tone and texture of your skin leaving it supple and protected. Learn more about our entire range of organic skin care products and experience the difference for yourself.