Palekastro Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2020, 16.8 FL OZ

Palekastro Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2020, 16.8 FL OZ

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Size: 16.8 FL OZ

Container: Bottle

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The nectar of Crete

Oliviers & Co has found this year a small batch of Cretan olive oil of remarkable quality!

This magnificent, authentic and golden olive oil is made from Koroneiki olives harvested at the right maturity. This pure olive juice reveals subtle aromas of roasted hazelnuts and almonds and reveals in the mouth delicious aromas of dried herbs.

In Crete, and even more so in the famous province of Sitia, the production of olive oil is intimately linked to Greek civilization and its famous Cretan diet.

The Tsimitakis family owns only 500 olive trees and has been passionately producing this 100% Koroneiki olive oil since 1993. In the respect of the family's know-how, each olive is hand-picked to give birth to an exceptionally fruity and aromatic oil, a typical taste, much sought-after by Cretan oil lovers.

Producer: Tsimitakis Family
Country: Greece
Region: Palekastro, Sitia, Crete
Date of Harvest: December 2019
Olives: 100% Koroneiki
Food Pairings: Greek salad, minced meat, candied vegetable, sheep's cheese
Taste Profile: Floral
Palate: Medium
Nose: Notes of...
This pure olive juice reveals tasting notes of dry grass, baked apple, grass sap, & touch of tomato leaf

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