The Panache of Vinegar

Vinegar has been around as a flavoring and preservative for close to 10,000 years so it is no wonder that after so much time, it has evolved into a gourmet food flavoring. The word “vinegar” is a derivative of the French word “vinaigre” or “sour wine” and vinegar was literally born from a barrel of wine that had gone sour. The “sour wine” of yesteryear has progressed to gourmet balsamic and flavored vinegars that are used to add elegance and pizzazz to almost any meal. When you consider that O&CO. carries basil and fig vinegars, you can imagine the palate pleasing taste temptations that are available to grace your table.

Regardless of how far vinegar has come, the production process hasn’t changed overly much from the beginning. Vinegar can be fermented and processed from any type of naturally occurring sugar or fruit. Because it is a preservative itself, vinegar has an infinite shelf life. Colored vinegars may turn cloudy and develop sediment at the bottom of the container while white vinegar will remain virtually unchanged over time.

O&CO. follows an age-old tradition in producing its balsamics by aging it in a variety of wooden casks to infuse it with flavor. The vinegar is moved to various casks until it reaches perfection which is measured by the vinegar being balanced between sweet and sour with an almost syrupy texture.

While you may not consider using gourmet balsamic vinegar as a topping, O&CO.’s balsamics add panache as a drizzle for meat, chicken or fish and can be used in baking or grilling. Consider also adding a few drops of gourmet olive oil or truffle oil and balsamic to grilled or baked vegetables. Quality processes and aging takes O&CO. balsamic from ordinary to extraordinary and its flavorful blends further enhances the flavor of your meals.