Norma Sauce

Norma Sauce

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This famous Sicilian recipe takes its name from the opera "Norma" by the famous Sicilian composer Vincenzo Bellini.
This delicious Italian sauce combines the most authentic flavors as a complement to any Sicilian dish.
Tasting Advice: ideal for an excellent pasta dish, a meat dish or on toast with appetizers.

Region/Country: Sicily, Italy
Food Pairings: As a complement to pasta, oils or of sun-drenched tomatoes, diced fried eggplant & fresh salts & herbs
Ingredients: tomato pulp 58%, fried eggplant 18% (eggplants, sunflower oil, salt) , extra virgin olive oil, tomato paste, onion, sheep ricotta cheese (whey, milk, salt) 3%, wine, sugar, salt, garlic, oregano, hot pepper
Penne alla Norma

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Penne alla Norma