Traditional Black Olive Tapenade

Traditional Black Olive Tapenade

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Tapenades with black olives originate from a traditional Provençal specialty, a simple mixture of capers (tapeno in the Provençal language), anchovies, and fresh black olives.

This black olive paste has a bold flavor that's perfect for packing a punch in your favorite recipes. Take home a classic Provençal appetizer that can be used as a spread with crackers and bread, or as the base for a savory sauce.

Region/Country: France
Food Pairings: Serve tapenade during a cocktail party as an appetizer. Try mixing in a bowl with 50% olive oil and 50% tapenade, then use as a dip for bread and fresh vegetables.
Ingredients: black olives 76,50%, capers, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar of Modena (wine vinegar (sulfites), concentrated grape must (sulfites), cooked grape must (sulfites)), garlic, anchovy paste (salted anchovies 82%, olive oil, vinegar, salt, spices), concentrated lemon juice, salt, black pepper.
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  1. "from the Columbus Circle Boutique"

    Our favorite is the black olive tapenade because it is perfect on a loaf of freshly baked French bread!

  2. "from the Grand Central Station Flagship"

    This product solves the problem of the pit! There's no graceful way to handle an olive pit at dinner, but with this tapenade it's problem solved!