Pasta & Veggie Lovers Bundle

Pasta & Veggie Lovers Bundle

Item # BSET51

In a nice green gift box, 4 recipes that will spice up your grilled dishes this summer !

1 Pressed Olive & Fresh Aromatics - seasoning for Pasta & Salad: Incredibly delicate and fragrant, this oil is ideal for delicately spicing up salads and pasta dishes.

1 Salt & Herb Mix for Pasta & Salad: The perfect time-saving seasoning for pasta and salads blended for your convenience. The tomato, queen of the kitchen garden, gives the punch to this mix where the powerful marjoram cultivated since the Antiquity is enhanced by the duo of chives & onion.

1 Mini Premium Baslamic Vinegar of Modena: Our #1 Best Seller. Made according to an ancient recipe, this premium quality balsamic vinegar of Modena, Italy, has been slowly refined in a variety of precious wooden casks until it has reached a perfect balance between sweet and sour, with a syrupy texture.

1 Spout: Easy to use, it is suitable for all olive oil containers Oliviers & Co. It will allow you to more precisely determine the amount of olive oil to be used.