Peach & Apricot Fruit Spread

Peach & Apricot Fruit Spread

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First the almond, then the apricot is followed by peach trees in this light and silky fruit spread. Combined with a hint of Muscat wine, which brings a delicate sweet note, peach, apricot and almonds blend perfectly in this fruity creation. Slowly cooked in a traditional cauldron with cane sugar, these fruits reveal all their flowery flavors that make our taste buds sing!

We recommend keeping refrigerated after opening and using soon for best taste!
Region/Country: France
Food Pairings: Spread on toast, mixed in yogurt, with aged cheese, as a filling for cookies, or as an accompaniment to lamb tagine, roasted guinea hen or duck breast.
Ingredients: Fruit 52.2% (peach 31.6%, apricot 20.6%), cane sugar, Muscat white wine 4.5% (sulfites), powdered almond 0.85%, acid: concentrated lemon juice (sulfites), gelling agent: fruit pectin. Made with 2.27 oz. fruit for 3.5 oz. sugar
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  1. "from the Short Hills Boutique"

    Simply divine! I use this jam when I bake sweet pastries.