Les Hommes de l'Olivier - The People of O&CO.

When we refer to Les Hommes de l'Olivier, we not only mean the oil producers themselves, but also every man and woman who forms a link in the international chain of expertise and joint common interests focused on the fruit of this thousand-year old tree, the olive.

The story begins with the man who planted the trees, and lives on in the spirit of a company whose aim is to share this passion for the Mediterranean tree and its products. This is why O&CO. shares its adventure with producers as well as with taste professionals, great chefs, artisans… and, of course, the entire team that brings our company and its boutiques to life on a day-to-day basis, working for the consumer's enjoyment.

O&CO. tells the stories of the artisans who dedicate their lives to producing authentic goods and preserving traditions, through the company’s 75 retail boutiques worldwide, including six in the United States, which are located in New York, New Jersey, Los Angelese, Boston, and Denver.


Albert Baussan

Albert Baussan has encouraged the growth and development of O&CO. since it was created. It was his love for the "terroir" and the olive tree that pushed this seasoned businessman to become an olive oil producer and a mainstay of the company in Mane, in the south of France, that now belongs to him. When the time was right, he took his dream of buying his own olive groves and made it a reality. The oil he now produces is added to the ranks of the best vintages. Rather than the territories of Italy or Greece, he chose a quiet corner of Portugal, Le Tras O Montes, where the only visitors were those seeking out true authenticity. Since then, he has continued to use his expertise to promote quality, and the oil produced by his mill, Capela dos Olivais, reflects his high standards.

Eric Verdier

Within O&CO., Éric Verdier's talent is truly worthy of praise. Despite his enormous energy, his incredible memory for flavors, his insatiable Mediterranean culture inspired by Jacques Lacarrière and Fernand Braudel, this rare and valuable man is fragile - because he is indispensable, incredibly efficient, gifted, demanding, and irreplaceable! Éric Verdier is unshakably loyal to O&CO, ensuring the consistancy in the exceptional quality of the products. Without him and his passionate work as an olive grower, olive oil producers may not have earned the international reputation for quality that is enjoyed today.