Pesto Genovese - Basil & Parmesan

Pesto Genovese - Basil & Parmesan

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To the three classic ingredients - basil, parmesan cheese and pine nuts, Chef Meulien adds cashew nuts to this time-saving recipe for a delicious weeknight meal!

Jean-Marie Meulien interprets the classic of classics: Pesto Genovese, a traditional Italian sauce generally attributed to the Liguria region of Northern Italy, specifically the city of Genoa. The sweetness of the cashew nuts really distinguishes this recipe!

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Chef Creation: Jean-Marie Meulien
Chefs Restaurant: Oasis, La Napoule, Clos Longchamp
Region/Country: Paris, France
Food Pairings: Mix in with pasta or risotto, serve as an accompaniment to grilled chicken, fish, and steamed vegetables, with goat cheese, spread on a sandwich or focaccia bread, or on baked or boiled potatoes.
Ingredients: Fresh basil Genovese PDO 35%, extra virgin olive oil, cashew nuts, Parmigiano Reggiano PDO parmesan cheese 4% (milk), pine kernel, garlic, corn starch, wheat fibers (gluten), salt

Customer Reviews

“If you love a rich and hearty pesto, this is your new best friend. Just imagine your traditional pesto with even more cheese and cashews! Just a tablespoon of this diluted in some pasta water is all you need for a great pasta sauce.”

Steven Mei, Store Manager
from the Bleecker St. Boutique