Adriano Moretti

Adriano Moretti


Adriano Moretti


Umbria, Baschi

The olive oil mill, Inches, which produces Organic Inches Olive Oil, began in 2010 as an experiment devoted to “The Nature of Ideas.” Founded by a team of 10 young yet surprisingly experienced associates, the enthusiasm and commitment has shown in the fabulous olive oils produced by this small organic farm in just a few short years. This educational olive mill focuses on the constant work between producers and consumers to bring an extraordinary olive oil utopia to life. There’s always something new to discover during the olive oil production process, and each season the mill strives to unravel these secrets, resulting in better olive oils while respecting our environment. 

The endeavor is based on three key elements: “close to zero” environmental impact, education at the mill, and traceability in olive oil production. First, careful attention is paid to the use of respectful production practices in the cultivation, pruning, manual harvesting, and cold pressing of the olives to guarantee the true excellence of the olive oil. Inches’ second principle, education, is evident in the constant communication with the University of Perugia in order to improve technology around the press to guarantee a product with perfect organoleptic characteristics. Finally, the mill encourages full traceability and a channel of constant communication between producer and consumer. Every year, one can trace the olives direct - from the tree to the mill to the table. From sustainable production practices to transparency in the market, Inches Olive Oil is the product of all the principles of Inches’ mill come to fruition. The priority is to share a culture with each individual product, rather than to simply place products on the mass market, a philosophy that is reflected in each and every bottle. Inches Olive Oil is the result of a silent cooperation between the miller, the farmer, soil and the climate. 

The Olive Grove 

Inches is located at the entrance of Morre di Baschi, a small village 15 kilometers south of the medieval city of Todi in Umbria, on the heights of the Tiber valley in Italy. The ecosystem of the region is well preserved: wheat fields, dense forests of oaks and chestnuts, and olive groves present a marvelous landscape that looks like a gigantic patchwork. The olive groves extend over the hills at an altitude of 450 meters above sea level within a radius of 15 kilometers around the mill. The main cultivars of olive grown here are Moraiolo, Frantoio and Leccino. While most of the trees are new, Inches recently planted old cultivars from the region that will produce new varieties and flavors in a few years. A jewel of Umbria!

Fun Fact:

Eos Mill works with the University of Perugia to improve olive mill technology.