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Andreas Knauss

Andreas Knauss


Andreas Knauss


Monemvasia, Laconia, Peloponnese

23 years ago, this former german engineer discovered Monemvasia and Laconia by visiting his friends in Greece. Under the spell, he bought the Lakudia estate with its olive trees, mostly aged of 200 years, some are even millennia old!

This perfectionist has combined his engineering skills with his love for his olive grove, a combination that ensures the success of his organic olive oil. The secret of this meticulous producer: he takes care of the olives during 100% hand-picked harvest.

Terroir & Features

The olive "Athinio", mostly composing this oil, is one of the oldest varieties of olives in Greece. When the Turks arrived in the 15th and 18th centuries, they pull out all the vineyards and replaced them by olive trees. These olive trees gave the Athinio variety whose great organoleptic richness is related to the terroir, soil and climatic conditions.

The Lakudia estate is located 300 meters above the sea level, in the extreme south of the Peloponnese peninsula in Laconia, surrounded by a sea of olive trees on the mountainside. With its delicate notes of aromatic plants, Lakudia is now the reference of Greek olive oils.