Gianfranco Grati

Gianfranco Grati


Gianfranco Grati



It is in the region of Chianti Rufina, a few minutes from Florence that the two family estates of Galiga and Vetrice have been brought together in a single farm. The orchards are almost 1000 meters away and do not require special treatment, since parasites do not develop easily at this altitude.

The Grati family has been producing wine and olive oil in Rufina for five generations. Their long experience in winemaking could be transferred to the cultivation of the olive tree, allowing the grati family to produce a high quality olive oil.

Today, Gianfranco Grati manages the estate with passion and offers us this oil of exception.

The Olive Grove 

Just minutes away from the city of Florence, these groves, with most olive trees over 70 years old, deliver a luscious juice of pure intensity. The archetype of classic Italian olive oil.

The Pontassieve is an exceptional olive terroir; its jewel comes from the small Vetrice plot. The orchard, nestled at an altitude of 280 meters allows the Frantoio olive trees to flourish in the Tuscan landscape.

Fun Fact:

Most Frantoio olive trees are over 70 year old!