Helvia Persiani

Helvia Persiani


Helvia Persiani


Atri, Abruzzo

Mattia and Helvia Persiani founded their namesake farm, Azienda Agricola Persiani, in 1976 out of affection for the land and its traditions. Their desire was to create a business environment aimed at producing a quality product, with respect for the environment, but also open to innovation. One of the groves closest to the Adriatic Sea, the Persiani Estate is an organic farm in line with EU regulation, using non-intensive farming techniques, natural fertilizers, non-chemical pesticides and careful annual pruning. The olive oil is pressed directly on the estate. Mattia carefully and rigorously plans out the estate in order to achieve his ambitious goals in quality and productivity. New cuttings are nestled among ancient olive trees in a strategic planting system, which is all supervised by the Persiani family. 

 The estate lies near the town of Atri, a fabled city of art and culture. In this perfect setting, Mattia and Helvia Persiani have created a family business that produces an olive oil of quality while respecting nature and the environment. 

The Olive Grove 

Nestled in the hilly area of the Abruzzo region between the Gran Sasso and the Adriatic Sea is the Persiani Estate. One of the closest olive groves to the sea, its olives are sprayed with mist and baked with sun to produce an elegant and full olive oil. The Dritta olive varietal, grown here, produces an olive oil that ranks as one of the best 100 in the world. 

Fun Fact:

Mattia and Helvia Persiani personally monitor every step of the olive oil production process.