Katjia Gasparini

Katjia Gasparini


Katjia Gasparini



Since 2008, Katja Gašparini has been working hard to improve Agrolaguna olive oil. Every year, she searches for new orchards, new technologies to develop the best possible oils. Synonymous of quality, her oils have become the reference of Croatian olive oils.

Katja Gašparini is proud to see her oils rewarded with numerous awards and a reputation that extends beyond the Croatian borders. Her oils have won numerous international competitions, such as the Los Angeles'one, one of the biggest competitions in the world.

The Olive Grove 

Uniting the best conditions of the Mediterranean and the rocky Alps, this rare oil from the Istria region has been awarded many prizes. All the olives are treated in their own highly modern mill.

Agrolaguna is a famous institution in the community of Porec in Istria Province.

Fun Fact:

These oils have won numerous international competitions!