Lorenzo Geraci

Lorenzo Geraci


Lorenzo Geraci


Sicily, Italy

The Lorenzo and Massimiliano Geraci Brothers are the "fourth generation" of the Geraci family family to take care of olives and extra virgin olive oil... a destiny written on the trees; for each descendant a tree was planted that received his name.

The Geraci family stands behind the quality of their product by preserving old traditions in olive harvesting and oil production. Their love for the land and its fruit is reflected in the many regional and international awards in the field of world agricultural production. The production of food is the main economic resource of the "Valle del Belice" and the olive culture has accompanied the history and development of the population.

The Olive Grove 

The Belice Valley boasts a strong uniformity in soil characteristics and climate. The presence of the sea and the moderate climate of the Belice, create the environmental conditions favorable to the cultivation of olive trees because of the Mediterranean’s mild winters and hot summers.

The olive trees grown in the “Valle del Belice” are ancient. They can be dated back to the seventh century BC.

Fun Fact:

The olive harvest is done by hand or hand tools and then pressed within 24 hours of collection.